Me, aged about 5 years

Me, aged about 5 years

Capturing a moment in time, a look, a feel, a touch

My inspiration is in the everyday , the way the morning sun hits the leaves, the dogs sleeping, birds in the backyard, flowers, ideas that come from looking at newspapers, magazines, Instagram, Pinterest, anywhere.

What I tend to do is pick up here and there on ideas, objects, shapes, colours, light, shade and let them rumble around in my subconscious until they collide in such a way that an idea or concept presents itself for the next project.

Sometimes it is a whole and complete fully-concepted idea with the medium to use and everything worked out and I instinctively know it will work. Other times it is an idea for a series and I work through different ideas for the look and the medium I think will work.

For me, art is therapeutic, like a form of meditation, time out from day-to-day life even if I can grab only half an hour. Once I start, I get lost in creating and trying to bring to life what i have visualised.  As with everything in life, you need to be fluid and adaptable and my art does not always end up exactly as planned. Often it might change as I chance on different ideas during the process of creation, sometimes fortunate accidents happen, things that you do that you did not intend but they end up looking great so you go with them. For me a large part of being creative is adapting, learning, trying different things.

Ultimately a unique artwork, is produced to the world. Uniquity is defined as being the state of being unique, being one of a kind. Every artist has a inate unique style that is part of them and who they are. It is in the pencil marks or the brush strokes, unique as handwriting.  Each artwork is a gift, it contains a part of the artist which makes the creation of something personal for myself or for others very special.

I am often asked how I would describe my art style and what makes it unique. I would say that my style is defined really in the way I approach a subject and how I see it. I would describe my approach as 'relaxed detail'. I find i love and see myriad details in any object and in my art I strive to recreate a sense of that object and bring it to life but without the necessity of including absolutely every detail - a form of impressionism I guess, but with more control.   I do use different mediums so find it difficult to classify my art this way which I think is a good thing - keeps me moving on to fresh challenges out of my comfort zone.

For me, art has an everyday function, it fills spaces on a wall or space in the heart; it can evoke memories, reminders of experiences, feelings, places you might have been; it can communicate feelings, thoughts; provoke discussion; capture a moment,in time, a look, a feel, a touch; can make something ordinary look extraordinary; provide peace, calm, happiness, fun.

Sometimes everyone finds it hard to communicate the message they wish to convey and sometimes words cannot say everything  - why not let us provide you with a unique and individual work or art product that does that for you. Let us know how we can help.