Custom House Portraits

Because everyone's home is their castle!

The ultimate special gift for any house warming, wedding, anniversary, Christmas, birthday or other occasion.

The house portrait could be of your home, a holiday home, the family-run shop, your childhood home, your grandparents home - it is up to you! 

Your house portrait will be painted on A3 paper using pen, ink and/or watercolour.

Your portrait is painted in the old-fashioned way, that is, totally by hand. As part of our package you will receive a video presentation of the development of your portrait from start to finish.

Our work is based on photographs provided by you. Please make sure to provide colors of any details if the true colour is not as shown in the photograph otherwise we will paint according to the photograph. Of course, the colour in your finished artwork will not be identical as a wash only is used in our process but we will do our best to approximate the colour shown in your photos.

Once I receive your order together with your photos, the portrait normally takes around 2-3 weeks to complete.

Please note - If you require a portrait for a special occasion -

Please give me the best opportunity of making sure your portrait is ready for your special event by ordering and providing all photographs at least 6 weeks in advance. This will allow enough time for me to complete your painting and for it to be delivered. Obviously we cannot answer for mail delivery times but we will advise you when your package has been sent so you know when to expect it.

Please email me before you order and I will confirm with you whether I will be able to meet your time frame.


How to arrange your custom house portrait

1.     Click here to order

2.     Send me an email with the following information:

-     high resolution photos of your house showing off it's best features - please provide photos where these features are  not obscured by trees, unfortunately I can only paint what I see!

-     feel free to include a little of the story of the house 

-     if you would like your pooch on the doorstep or your cat in a window or if your son is always dumping his skateboard       on the front lawn and you want these included - please send me pics of these as well and i will do my best to             incorporate them

When the portrait is completed, you will receive:

- email from me to advise you that your painting is complete and has been sent to you.

-  your completed ORIGINAL house portrait ready for you to frame (NOTE - this is an ORIGINAL painting - not just a print!)

- your exclusive video presentation showing the development of your portrait and including selected elements of the story of your house (if provided)

- exclusive limited time password access to our store for purchase of additional prints, cards and other products by yourself or family members with 10% discount code

Thank you!