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Why your dog is the best habit hack

My keen walking buddy Bella.

My keen walking buddy Bella.

For me the best time of day has always been just on pre-dawn, before everyone is up and about, the world is semi-dark and the air fresh and cool. 

So, obviously when I decided to start a new habit of going for a walk each day, early morning was the obvious choice.

As Bella is always in need of exercise, I took her along.

Now I have totally created a monster! Within a few short days her in-built habit tracker was set and she regarded this as a fixed part of her daily routine.

This is why your dog is the ultimate habit hack. If you want to lock in a new habit, involve your dog. They do not forget, they remind you when it is due, they hassle you and you will not want to disappoint them so you do it! She watches me like a hawk too and I have to be very careful not to put on my hat and shoes until it is time to go otherwise just gets too excited!

our shadows one morning

our shadows one morning


I initially started with a plan of walking every day for 7 days. We have now been walking everyday for about 3 months!!. The only day we have missed is recently when it rained all day without any window of opportunity. Bella still wanted to go but I drew the line at walking in torrential rain! Besides the neighbours would have thought I was crazy!

So, if you have a dog and are looking at trying to be more active, take them with you. They will love it, so will you and your dog will keep you going on those days where you think its too cold or I can't be bothered.

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