A good start to each day - A look behind our #sunrise365 project

"Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” ~Buddha

This quote gives a little insight into why I started this project.

An opportunity to start each day afresh.

The project idea came to me during one of my early morning walks earlier in the year.

To backtrack ....

In February, I cancelled my gym membership. I wasn't using it to the best advantage and as a result it was wasting money and not helping me to improve be fitter and stronger. I reviewed what I was doing,  what time I had available to workout and what I wanted to improve. I noticed quite a few things had changed since I joined the gym which was why I was finding it hard to get there and in some ways it had outlived it's usefulness. 

Joining the gym had enabled me to take some time for myself and after basically doing nothing for about 2 years, I had regained some fitness. I usually went to the gym some lunchtimes during the week and often on Saturday or Sunday morning. In the beginning this was OK but eventually I realised that the rushing around at lunchtime was putting me off going and I found the downtime at lunch to be more beneficial. On the upside, I had regained some fitness and in 2014 I decided to return to return to martial arts training. It was apparent that I still had a lot of work to do on my cardio fitness to keep up. This kept me going to the gym a while longer. 

By the end of last year I was doing extra martial arts sessions and only getting to the gym once a week which was not enough to justify a membership and I felt I was getting more out of martial arts.  I felt that I could build a program to do at home in the mornings which would be the best time of day for me to tick the box and do something good for myself which would also allow me to not put it off later in the day.

So, I promised myself that I would cancel the gym and put something else in place immediately. This led me to start searching online for some resources to put something in place and I found Nerd Fitness. The more I read the more I liked their down-to-earth no BS approach and when I found the lifetime membership fee was a ridiculous $99 I signed up - I was nearly paying this amount per month for my gym membership so I had absolutely nothing to loose! It has been one of the best things I have done for myself.

Setting challenges has been awesome which brings me back to my morning walks (sorry, way off track there!!) ...... One of the early challenges is to walk everyday for 7 days. Sounds easy, my dog Bella needs exercise too so I set myself the challenge. We smashed the 7 days and kept going. Everyday became easier. I am up early anyway but getting out in the fresh air is fantastic, the earlier the better when we have the world to ourselves and all you can hear are bird calls.

Nature is wonderful and I started taking photos of the sunrise - our street is so oriented that the sun rises right in front of us as we walk up the street and i began noticing how amazing and different the sky was each day. From this - #sunrise365 project was born and the project is:

- to go for a walk every day for 365 days

- take a photo of the sunrise everyday and post it

I have since added a writing element using a word prompt to jot down some thoughts each day to post and I am finding this whole project is improving my writing skills as well as my fitness.

What taking up the challenges with Nerd Fitness has done for me I will save for another post! 

Until then,

Be awesome!